Do You Need a Parapet Roof?

When designing a new roof for your property, you don’t always have to choose standard designs. As well as lots of different slates, tiles and materials available for achieving attractive aesthetics, you could also think about bespoke styles, such as a parapet roof.

However, you’ll need to request tailored roofing services for jobs such as parapet wall repairs and ensuring the structure remains weatherproof.

Here are a few things to consider about this type of roof feature.

Modern Flat Roof Designs

Parapet walls are mainly found on flat roofs, extending the vertical wall at the side of a house or building past the roofline. They’re usually required when you want the roof to double as something like a terrace, balcony, facilities area or walkway, helping to keep the area as safe as possible. Others may choose a glass balustrade instead if they’d rather have extended views from the area. Some also like to install a parapet wall as a design feature of the property, although they can also be built to look like a flat roof edge from the ground.

Why Choose a Parapet Roof?

Parapet roofs are chosen for a number of reasons, usually relating to the appearance and safety of the flat roof. They may also have other benefits, such as added fire protection to stop any roofing membrane setting alight if flames were to reach that high up the wall. You may also find the parapet wall helps to shield the area from strong wind forces, which is great if it’s used as an outdoor seating area such as a balcony. Parapet walls can also be present where two buildings join to create a barrier between two flat roof areas.

Designing a Parapet Wall

When designing the parapet wall, one of the most popular options is to choose the same material as the wall (e.g. bricks) to help create a seamless design. You could even opt for a different material to make it stand out as a feature. The top of the wall can be completely flat or have a decorative edge installed.

How to Maintain & Repair Parapet Walls

Maintaining parapet roofing is vital to prevent issues forming such as leaks, cracks and other structural issues, either where the wall meets the roofline or in the structure itself. When booking your annual roof inspection, a roofer should always check the parapet walls for any issues or upgrades they think you may need. This includes replacing original cement caps, lead flashings, felt coverings or rendering. Experienced roofing companies will have lots of high-quality solutions available to ensure existing parapet walls remain as safe and weatherproof as possible.

Need a parapet wall expert?

At Collier Roofing, we provide specialist parapet wall services, including high-quality upgrades, maintenance and roof repairs to prolong the life of your parapet roof. We operate throughout London and Surrey areas, coming out to locations such as Woldingham, Coulsdon and Caterham. Contact us now for a free quote and advice.