How do we repair roofs that have solar panels?

In recent years, more and more homeowners have installed solar panels onto their roofs. This is due to the relatively recent affordability of solar panelling and an ever-growing focus on the energy-efficiency and environmental benefits of harnessing solar energy within the home. Of course, solar panels are fitted to your roof to provide them with as much exposure to the sun’s rays as possible. So, if you find that you need repairs to your roof, it is important that you employ a highly experienced roofing professional to ensure that your solar panels and the rest of your roofing materials are kept safe and intact while the repairs take place.

How do we repair roofs that have solar panels?

How are solar panels fixed to roofs?

There are a number of options for fixing solar panels to the roof, so roofing experts should tailor their repair approach accordingly. Usually, solar panels are attached to tile mounts that are then screwed directly into the roof. It is also possible to get panels that are nailed into the roof. It is always advisable to get help from a roofing expert when working with solar panels, as they will ensure that your roof is as protected as possible at all stages.

Common repairs for roofs with solar panels

As solar panels are fitted onto your existing roof structures, they can sometimes cover up roofing issues that would otherwise be obvious. For example, if there is a leak or a moisture-related problem on your roof, the warning signs may be hidden by the solar panel. As such, it is important to check your roof on a regular basis and look out for any signs of damage, including damp patches on your ceilings (which indicate a leak) and broken roof shingles or tiles. Removing solar panels with a DIY approach is not advisable, as you could damage the roofing materials or the solar panels themselves, costing you more in repairs further down the line. Instead, a roofing expert can handle all aspects of the repair competently, safely and affordably to get your solar-panelled roof back in good working order.

An energy-efficient, solar-panelled roof

If you need new solar panels installed onto your roof, be sure to choose a roofing expert that is reputable and reliable. By installing solar panels correctly in the first place, you are far less likely to experience the need for repairs in the future. So, before you hire a roofing specialist, do some research on sites like and make sure they’re reputable!

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