Is Your Roof Ready for Autumn Weather?

Roof repairs and replacements can be costly if you don’t maintain your roof and prepare it for the harsh weather it may face at each time of year. When Autumn comes, it’s often a time when homeowners start to spend less time in their outdoor spaces and start enjoying more time indoors. However, there are some essential things you can do now to get your roof ready for Autumn weather, so follow our top tips for keeping your roofing in a good condition this season.

Roof maintenance guides - how to get your roofing ready for Autumn in Surrey

Sort the Small Issues

Have you been putting off any smaller roofing jobs? From replacing a missing tile to fixing loose guttering, you could be leaving your home vulnerable to issues further down the line if you don’t address them now. The harsher weather experienced by roofs as we move later into the year can speed up how fast problems in the roof deteriorate. Strong winds, heavy rainfall and ice cold temperatures will exploit any tiny issues. A small crack can suddenly become a larger one when water freezes and expands in it, for example. Get any roofing work you’ve been avoiding finally ticked off the list to put your mind at rest.

Pre-Autumn Inspections

It’s good to assess your roofing while it’s still comfortable to spend time outside. If you can find issues now rather than when conditions are cold, wet and windy, it will remove the hassle later on. You can look at your roofline from ground level to see if there are any noticeable problems such as wet patches, leaks or cracks, and don’t forget to look in your attic space if it’s easily accessible. If you’re experiencing any major roofing problems such as moisture ingress, you may be able to spot signs such as rotting wood, mould or pest infestations which indicate there are areas where outside elements are able to get inside your home. Ask for an expert roofer to complete a full inspection. They’ll be able to see your roofing up close (including lead flashing) with the right safety equipment.

Routine Maintenance

There are also some routine maintenance jobs you may want to consider before the Autumn weather really kicks in. Have you had your guttering cleared in a while? With the leaves starting to fall and heavy winds on the way, it’s easy for your drain pipes to become blocked. You may also want to ask a roofing professional to clear any debris from your flat or pitched roofing areas. Flat roofs can be particularly susceptible to leaks if not well-maintained, but a professional roofer can check its condition, any features such as shingle and recommend high quality materials if it’s time for a much-needed upgrade.

Need a pre-Autumn roof inspection?

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