Don’t Miss These Signs Your Chimney Stack Needs Work

Damaged or eroded chimney stacks can be an accident waiting to happen if ignored and can cause damage to your roof if debris falls from the area. Recognising that your chimney needs repairing is the best way to avoid costly damage, but many homeowners fail to spot the warning signs before they cause further issues.

Worried about your chimney? Follow our simple guide for knowing when to ask a roofing specialist to take a look.

Don’t Miss These Signs Your Chimney Stack Needs Work

5 Signs Your Chimney Stack Needs Repairing

1.      You can see visible cracks or erosion

Sometimes homeowners can spot damage if it’s obvious when parts of the chimney stack have been weathered over time or when harsh weather such as strong winds has caused mortar joints to erode. If any large chunks of masonry appear missing or you can see crumbling brickwork, it’s important to get this attended to urgently. Visible cracks are also a concern because water may freeze within them during cold weather, causing further expansion. A weathered or old chimney may need work completed to its pointing to resolve this.

2.      There’s damp on the walls or ceilings below the chimney

Leaks around the chimney stack are usually characterised by brown staining and may be caused by defective or poor quality flashings or even leaking guttering which has caused deterioration in the brick pointing. This issue can lead to damp in the rooms below or even fungal decay developing in roof timbers. In these cases, installation of high-quality lead flashings can help resolve the problem.

3.      You have a down draught coming in through your fireplace

Draughts in your home could be a sign that your chimney pot is either missing or crooked, when it usually provides the flue with extra height to keep out the cool air. A damaged chimney pot can also result in debris or rain coming down the flue. Urgent work is sometimes required or you can have a chimney cap fitted if the issue is draught-related.

4.      Your fireplace has rust

Rusting components within a fireplace could indicate moisture and rain are coming in through cracks, and this could lead to damage within the flue. Remedial work may include chimney and roof repairs, while installation of a flue liner will protect the masonry and provide improved insulation.

5.      Your chimney stack is leaning

Old chimney stacks often have a slight lean to them, but it can be a sign that mortar joints have been damaged. In these cases, you’ll need an assessment to determine whether the chimney can be stabilised in its new position or whether dismantling and rebuilding is the right solution.

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