What Are the Benefits of Flat Roofing Systems?

If you’re considering flat roofing for a domestic or commercial property, it’s important to understand how it works and some of the benefits of choosing a flat roof. When professionally installed, they’ll include adequate drainage (sometimes constructed at a slight pitch) and often use materials which are more durable than their predecessors.

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider a flat roof.

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Easy Maintenance

One advantage of flat roofs is that they allow for easier maintenance, improving roofer access to check for issues. While flat roofs have been notorious in the past for problems such as leaks and tears, modern, high-quality roofing is now less prone to cracks, water ingress and general damage, especially if installed by an experienced roofing professional. A flat roof application often includes materials which are fully bonded, meaning there are zero gaps for water to pass through.

Increased Access

Access can be a factor in the type of roofing system chosen for a building, as flat roofs are usually easier to access than pitched roofs. This opens up opportunities to create accessible areas, including car parks, balconies and rooftop terraces. In large commercial and residential buildings, the flat roofing area is sometimes used for additional storage and utilities such as air conditioning. Homeowners may also find it safer to clear debris from the roof if it’s within reachable distance, such as a balcony. This increased versatility can extend to internal areas too, without sloped pitched roofing reducing space within the highest level of the property.

Long-Lasting Materials

Felt roofing was once the most hotly chosen material for flat roofing systems, but older roofs weren’t known for their durability. However, since the emergence of bitumen felt which can be heated and bonded, there have been far fewer issues. However, felt isn’t the only choice now. Contemporary flat roofing options include materials such as EPDM (rubber roofing) and GRPP fibreglass, which come with extended warranties. These types of flat roof can come with guarantees of 20 years, but will often last up to 50 years before a replacement should be considered.

Affordable Roofing

Are you hoping to bring your project costs down? While pitched roofing can enhance the look of a property with attractive tiles and slates, budgets will always come into play when building new homes, replacing roofs or creating the functionality you need for your property. Flat roofing is often quicker, easier and less labour intensive to install, not to mention using fewer materials. This often results in lower installation costs. With new flat roofing materials having a much higher quality, you should also find maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimum too.

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