5 Gutter Maintenance Tips for Winter

With so much stormy weather and strong winds hitting us recently, property owners should act now to protect their guttering. Without adequate maintenance, it could lead to a variety of roofline issues, from overflowing gutters to cracked downspouts. These problems can often develop due to a build-up of leaves and debris in the system mixed with freezing Winter temperatures.

As we enter the colder months of the year, here are five gutter maintenance tips for Winter.

Roof repair guides for homeowners - 5 gutter maintenance tips for Winter

1.      Book a gutter inspection at the start of the season

Don’t wait for a property leak or an overflowing gutter to occur to suddenly realise you have a major issue with your gutters. Many homeowners book bi-annual gutter inspections in the Spring and Autumn to ensure everything is as it should be pre and post-Winter. If you haven’t scheduled one this year, try to do so at the beginning of the season before problems build up.

2.      Get to know your gutters

One of the easiest ways to spot a guttering issue is to note anything unusual. Have a quick look at your guttering from ground level to understand where it’s joined to your property and what the existing condition is like. This will help you spot developing issues such as watermarks on your brickwork, waterlogged ground or loose fittings.

3.      Clear leaves around your property

We all know that gardens and paths covered in leaves mean that the colder months are upon us, but if you leave them to blow away in the wind, they could end up in your guttering. This is a problem as they become wet and compacted in both gutters and downpipes along with other debris such as stones and dirt, creating a blockage which will stop the passage of rainwater as it tries to flow away from your property. Therefore, do what you can to regularly clear leaves from your outdoor spaces, raking them together first if easier.

4.      Get issues fixed quickly

It can be tempting to leave minor issues such as loose screws or fine cracks, but this can lead to stressful and costly repairs. Even tiny amounts of damage can escalate quickly in the winter when rainwater freezes and expands, and clogged gutters become heavier, needing robust support in place. You could always ask your roofer to cast their eye over the issue you’ve spotted.

5.      Replace old guttering

As well as regular gutter clearance and inspections, if your guttering is no longer up to scratch, get it replaced as soon as possible. You could even schedule this at the same time as damaged roof repairs, helping your roofing to become as durable as possible before the harsher weather arrives. Modern materials such as uPVC and aluminium gutters are long-lasting, strong and won’t crack easily.

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