Replacing Guttering Whilst Repairing Damaged Roof

Are you thinking about replacing guttering whilst repairing a damaged roof?

Every roof consists of a series of systems that work in tandem, with some parts designed for structural support while others help to protect a property from environmental factors such as wind and rainfall. Therefore, it’s essential each element of your roof is well-maintained, from the roofing materials selected to how you keep on top of minor repairs before they become a more significant issue.

Roof repair guides - Replacing guttering whilst repairing damaged roofWhen to Replace Guttering

When was the last time your guttering was replaced? Gutters and downpipes that remain in good condition will drain rainwater effectively. If it’s undergone deterioration over time, sustained damaged or become blocked, it can cause problems. This includes property leaks caused by overflowing gutters or even damp and decay if water ingress is left untreated. That’s why regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Replacement guttering may be required in some instances. While some issues can be caught early, many decide to take the plunge and invest in new guttering after experiencing ongoing issues (who wants to pay for constant repairs?) or the damage is too extensive. Signs you need to replace your guttering include cracks and fractures that cause leaks, rusty old guttering that’s not fit for purpose and sagging gutters.

Benefits of Installing New Gutters While Repairing Your Roof

While you may be worried about how much roof repairs are going to cost, you can save time and money by booking all the work at the same time. This is an obvious choice in cases where damaged guttering has been the cause of other structural issues, but it’s also cost-effective if there are independent fixes to make.

For example, if you’re having new tiling laid or chimney stack work completed, you’ll want to know these areas are supported by a fully functioning roof. It’s a well-known fact that the longer you leave any minor roofing issues to develop, they can become costly nightmares further down the line.

How to Upgrade Your Roofline

Always use a professional roofing company for any jobs that need completing, as DIY work often results in more problems forming, not to mention the dangers of working at height. Luckily, if you’ve decided to replace gutters, it’s a long-term investment thanks to the range of high-quality options available.

Two of the most popular choices are aluminium and uPVC guttering. Both come with an impressive guarantee (often up to 20 years for aluminium gutters), and they shouldn’t experience many of the issues found with older materials, such as cracking, flaking or rust. You can even use your new guttering to give the outside of your home a facelift, with various styles and colours to choose from.

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