Best Ways to Customise Your Roofline

Whether opting for a full roof replacement or sprucing up parts of your roofline , there are plenty of ways you can customise the look of your roof. From different colours to interesting shapes which enhance other features of your property, many people don’t realise just how much the look of your roof can affect its overall appearance. Something as simple as replacing old and tired looking guttering can have a huge impact on how your home looks. Here are some expert ideas to consider for customising your roofline.

Roofline replacements: Expert guide to customising your new roofline

Upgrading Roofline Features

It’s often possible to replace specific features of your roofline, including guttering, fascias and soffits. One feature which can have a number of looks is bargeboards. These are located along the diagonal gable end of a roof and can provide further weatherproofing benefits. There are a wide range of trims available to create a decorative look, so if you’re adding a new bargeboard, think about the style you want. It’s important to consult a professional roofer if considering this type of work because bargeboards are often attached to other features such as tiles. It is always important to consider all the options, especially when you are fitting GRP fibreglass roofing or EPDM roofing.


Property owners sometimes think it’s just features such as tiles and slates which come in various colours. However, you can also ensure your roofline’s features remain in keeping with the rest of your property style, whether you want them to blend in, create a defined look or even modernise the overall appearance. As well as a wide range of standard colours, you can also select woodgrain options such as golden oak and mahogany.

Shapes & Profiles

The shapes and profiles of each part of your roofline can differ to create the ideal outcome. For example, gutters are available with a number of profiles, including oval, square, half round and ogee, all achieving different looks. The shape of fascia boards can also vary, whether you select bull nosed, square or ogee profiles.


Customisation isn’t just about how your roofline looks but how it functions too. Yes, it’s great to add some decorative features to your roofline, but it’s also a bonus if they’re practical too. You can customise the functionality of your roofline with additions such as deeper gutters or high quality uPVC features. The purpose of your roof is to shield the inside of your property from the elements and harsh weather conditions, so aspects such as effective water drainage, roofline strength and how long features will last should always play a part in customising your roofline.

Got some ideas?

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