How to Know If Your Roofline Is Damaged

Your roofline consists of several features. This includes fascias, soffits, bargeboards and guttering, describing the parts which fall immediately below the main body of your roof (such as its tiles and chimney). While many of these features are now made from high-quality materials such as uPVC products, every roof experiences weathering over time or may even become damaged in more extreme conditions like high winds where debris hits your roof. If you’re worried about damage to your roofline, here are some of the signs to look out for.

Professional roofing guides - how to know if your roofline is damaged

External Signs of Damage

If any part of your roofline is damaged, there are some key indicators which should set off alarm bells, meaning you need to book a roofing inspection. Take note of any changes in appearance such as peeling paint, cracks or sagging. Leaks are often the first sign people spot, so look for any wet patches down the side of your property or overflowing gutters. You may even notice waterlogged ground around the edge of your home where water is pooling.

Inside Your Loft

Another area to explore is your loft interiors, where the first signs of damage to your roofline may appear. Learn where your eaves and roofline are from the inside of your home to help you have an up-close look which isn’t possible from the outside (safety always comes first!). Have a feel around the area to see if there’s any soft or damp spots, mould, blistering or even light shining in (this is never good sign!). You should also look for signs of animal infestations such as bird nests and faeces where they’ve come in through gaps in your roofline.

Looking at Your Roof As a Whole

Your roofline often supports other parts of the roof, so ensure you look at your complete system to spot signs of issues with your roofline. For example, have you noticed missing or uneven slates or tiles at the base of your roof? These may become dislodged if your roofline is damaged, no longer supporting the lower line of tiles adequately.

Professional Inspections

The easiest way to know if your roofline has sustained any damage is to ask a professional roofer to perform a roof inspection. They’ll know exactly what to look for, including any worn features, structural damage which needs further assessment and how well your drainage systems are working. They’ll often start from the ground up, taking a look at the outside of your property, as well as the inside. They won’t just check your roofline but everything from your chimneys and fireplaces to parapet walls and tiling. Having such an expert eye do the checks for you will save you hours of stress trying to establish if your roof is damaged or not.

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