Why Book a Roof Inspection This Spring?

Roofing is something homeowners often put out of their minds because it’s something they don’t have to think about until problems occur. If you’ve never had a roof inspection, it’s really quick and easy to get one, giving you peace of mind you’re not going to encounter any issues which have been brewing for some time.

Why Book Annual Roof Inspections?

If you haven’t had a roof inspection for over a year (or ever!), it’s time to get one in the diary. Choosing the right time of year for a roof inspection is always tricky, and many people like to have one both before and after winter. Spring is an excellent time to check your roof, whether it’s annually or part of your bi-annual roof maintenance schedule. Weather conditions are usually much better than in winter, and it gives you plenty of time to have roofing work completed over the summer if you need it.

Free roof inspection guides - why book a roofing check this Spring?

Has Harsh Winter Weather Damaged Your Roof?

Spring is also the ideal time to see if the harsher elements of winter such as constant rain, freezing temperatures and high winds have done any damage to your roof, ensuring any repairs are carried out before issues worsen. For example, what was a hairline crack in a roof tile could have expanded as water froze inside it as temperatures dropped. Or perhaps your gutters have been clogged up with leaves, dirt and other debris, so need clearing before it causes them to overflow and cause water damage to the property.

Signs You May Need an Urgent Roof Inspection

While you may have your annual inspection booked in the next few months, if you notice signs of damage, don’t hesitate to ask a professional roofer to take a closer look sooner. Get to know the appearance of your roof (from the ground), so that you can spot if there are obvious signs of a problem. Do you notice crumbling around your chimney stack? Do any of your tiles look out of place compared to how the others are laid? Alarms bells should ring if you notice things like peeling paint, odd colouration or sagging roofline features.

You could also look inside your loft space to check for signs of moisture getting into this area such as mould and damp. You should keep an eye out in all the rooms of your home for water marks forming on the walls and ceilings, especially in areas directly under any type of roofing, including flat roofs. Never attempt to reach your roofing unless trained to do so.

Book a Roof Inspection Now

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