Can a new roof be installed in winter?

While many property owners organise home improvements in the warmer months of the year, this can prove problematic if roofing issues become apparent during the winter. Whether you need urgent repairs or a replacement roof installed, ensuring your home is adequately protected from the elements is a must when facing weather such as wind, rain and ice. But is it possible to install a new roof at this time of year?

Can you fit a new roof in the winter in SurreyWhat are common winter roof issues?

Recognising the signs your roof needs replacing is a must.

From roof leaks to missing tiles, extreme winter weather can play havoc with your roofing. If there are any unidentified issues, these can show themselves after harsh weather conditions.

For example, if your chimney stack’s flashing is starting to disintegrate, any water entering through gaps may freeze and expand in low temperatures, causing larger cracks to form. Or, if loose tiles are present, these can weaken further after strong winds or debris hit them. You may also find yourself with overflowing gutters if there’s a blockage from additional debris in the system.

One of the first signs of a problem with any roofing is leaks. Always ask a roofer to inspect the area if you see damp patches along your walls or notice mildew forming near your loft area.

Can a roof be replaced in winter?

Professional roofing companies work all year round, but project completion and availability will often depend on a variety of factors.

Your roofer will advise about the work to be undertaken, as it’s often best to wait until weather conditions are safe enough for them to carry out the job. If conditions are particularly wet and the work requires removing parts of your existing roofing, it may be better to wait for a dry forecast. Many people have their roof replaced in winter, but it often requires further measures to ensure your home remains weatherproof.

Emergency work can often be scheduled as soon as possible, even if it’s to stabilise parts of your roofing. Speak to your local roofer about winter roofing services they offer, talking through their recommended solutions, including replacement materials.

What about replacing roof tiles?

If you notice you have missing roof tiles in the winter, don’t delay in getting them replaced. Leaving parts of your roofing exposed to the elements can exacerbate problems, including damage to the membrane below or water ingress.

How to maintain your roof all year round

It’s a good idea to book regular inspections to ensure you keep on top of any roofing issues, as you can save time and money if you tackle them early. This will help to keep repair costs to a minimum, expand the lifespan of your roof and maintain its structural integrity.

Request a roof inspection this winter

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