Garage roof in Coulsdon

Replacement garage roof in Coulsdon

When Mr Young got in touch for help with his garage roof in Coulsdon, it was clear the project was a top priority for him. Mr Young was using the garage to store his beautiful classic car, but the garage roof had developed a bad leak and a lot of water was coming in – directly onto the car! After discussing the various options and most suitable materials with the client, we agreed to replace the roof on a quick turnaround, and together we decided on a budget and timetable for the whole job.

Out with the old

We started by removing the damaged felt roof, which was many years old and in very poor condition. The boarding that lay underneath was also badly damaged as a result of the leaky felt, and it needed to be dismantled so new boarding could be installed. With the old, damaged material carefully removed and disposed of, we were ready to start fitting the new roof.

In with new, better quality materials

As the basis of the new roof, the team installed 18mm OSB3 plywood boarding, which is extremely versatile and durable – ideal for a garage roof like this. On top of that, we fitted a three-layer, high-performance felt system comprised of Icopal bituminous felt. One of the best performing felt roofs on the market, this triple-layer system is very hard-wearing and will last for many years.

No more leaks

Mr Young was very pleased with his new garage roof, that the project had been completed on time and on budget, and that the area around the garage was left completely clear and free of any remnants of the old roof.
The quick turnaround meant that Mr Young could soon get back to enjoying his vintage car, rather than worrying about it getting damaged. With the new high-quality felt roofing system in place, expertly fitted by professionals, we know he can look forward to years of leak-free storage.

Roofing solutions that are designed around you

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