Case Study: Flat Roof in Merstham

Collier Roofing is experienced in dealing with all sorts of different styles of roofs, with flat roofs being a speciality of ours. So we didn’t hesitate when Mr Patel contacted us to say that his flat roof in Merstham was starting to deteriorate and needed a complete overhaul. Our client was concerned that, over time, rain would start to leak into his property, causing water damage and mould. Together, we agreed a time frame and a budget for the remedial work and made a start before the old flat roof could worsen any further.

A great support

Our skilled team began by stripping the flat roof back to the original rafters, which were still sound. The boarding underneath needed replacing, which we did using durable 18mm OSB plywood. The flat roof was taking shape and now had a solid structure – and was ready for the next layer.

The finishing touches

The team used a high-performance, three-layer felt system, manufactured by industry-leader Icopal, who have been manufacturing waterproofing systems for 160 years, so they know their stuff! The felt encompasses minerals that repel water, and metal fibres to ensure strength and durability. Flat roofs need the best materials like these to ensure their longevity. Mr Patel’s roof also needed flashings to the side of the property, and to his neighbour’s house. We used top-quality Ubiflex flashing, which is an attractive and competitively priced lead substitute, and comes in a range of colours so we could choose a product that nicely merged with Mr Patel’s new roof.

A happy customer

The flat roof is now completely weather-proof, resistant to tearing and movement, and looks neat and tidy, in keeping with the rest of the property. Mr Patel can rest at ease knowing there will be no more leaks and potential water damage to his house from his flat roof.

Flat roof? No problem!

The Collier Roofing team has decades of experience in repairing flat roofs, and we offer a minimum 10-year guarantee (often 20 years) on our work for your complete peace of mind. Don’t risk unsightly and destructive water damage to your property – Collier Roofing can advise you on the best course of action to fix or replace your roof, and you can rest assured that your property is in highly-experienced and capable hands. Contact us today at Collier Roofing if your roof has seen better days, and get a free, no-obligation quotation.