Does Your Pitched Roof Need Replacing or Repairing?

Roofs are something many homeowners worry about, but keeping on top of repairs and maintenance is one of the most important ways you can look after it. One of the key concerns is whether repairs are required or the entire roof needs replacing. The best way to find out is to ask a professional roofer to conduct a closer inspection to let you know what’s required. However, here are some things to consider which may give you a better idea about what to expect.

Find out more about the type of work your pitched roofing needs. Includes looking at its condition, age and what you want for the look & function of your property. Speak to a professional roofer in Surrey or London.

How Damaged Is Your Roof?

The first signs of your roof needing work may come when you spot issues in or around your home. Perhaps you’ve conducted an Autumn roof inspection and found some rotting wood in your loft area, or maybe you’ve noticed water running down the side of your property. The solution could be something as simple as replacing a missing tile, or you need chimney pot capping fitted. Another problem which needs addressing quickly is moss. As it starts to grow, it can displace your tiles, so don’t leave it to spread. The trick is to schedule repairs as soon as issues are found and book regular inspections with a professional roofer to identify anything you should keep an eye on.

How Old Is Your Roof?

If the reasons for your roofing issues are age-related rather than weather damage, you may want to think about the parts which need replacing. This doesn’t have to be an entirely new roofing system. Sometimes, replacing just your fascias and soffits or your guttering is enough to eliminate issues if they’re coming from the same source. That said, you should check when your roof was installed. Many roofs last for 20 to 25 years, but this does mean your roof may have come to the end of its lifespan if living in an older property.

Do You Want to Update the Look & Function of Your Home?

Sometimes a roof isn’t at the end of its lifespan, but it’s not meeting your needs anymore. Perhaps you’re tired of the constant repairs or think it’s looking tired and outdated. Replacing your roof is a great option for many, making the upgrade by choice rather than waiting for it to become a necessity. A new roof can completely update the look of your home. There are many modern materials and tiles available that not only look attractive and remain in keeping with a range of property styles but are also highly functional too. This means high levels finishes and weatherproofing for your roof so that it lasts for years to come.

Need Roof Repairs or a Replacement?

Here at Collier Roofing, we offer professional roofing expertise, including a specialist service for pitched roofing. Our bespoke, personal service ensures our dedicated team guides you throughout, providing a fixed price quotation for any work you need. We’ll work closely with you to establish what’s required, whether that’s simple repairs or replacing your roofing system. We work across London, Surrey and surrounding areas, including Croydon, Kenley and Merstham. Get in touch now to speak to our team about your needs.