How Does GRP Fibreglass Work for Flat Roofs?

No roof lasts forever, and when it comes to flat roofs, you have two choices. You could opt for a flat to pitched roof conversion, but there are also lots of high-quality materials if you’d like to update your existing roofing. One of the most popular materials to use is GRP fibreglass (Glass Reinforced Plastic). Here’s our expert guide to using this product for new flat roofing.

Avoid the Common Problems of Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are perfect for areas of your property such as extensions or your garage, providing a cost-effective solution for homes and commercial buildings. However, a high standard of installation is required using durable materials to prevent some of the common issues with flat roofs from occurring. Because of the ‘flat’ nature of this type of roofing, it’s easier for problems to arise, such as water pooling and leaks. This can lead to faster deterioration of the roofing structure and the materials used. Luckily, with professional installation and regular maintenance checks from an expert, many of these will never arise. GRP fibreglass is rising in popularity thanks to its quality and strength, making it the perfect solution for anyone replacing their old flat roof or installing a new one.

Why GRP Fibreglass Is a Good Choice for Flat Roofs

GRP fibreglass is ideal for flat roofs thanks to its waterproofing qualities and ability to completely seal your roofing. It consists of fibreglass resin matting with a top layer coating, forming an incredibly lightweight material which can cover the top of your flat roof. It prevents leaks and water ingress because it’s fully bonded to the area, meaning there are no gaps where water could enter through. While it is lightweight in nature, it’s also one of the strongest flat roofing materials available. This means it can also be used for roofs which double as spaces you spend time in, such as outside decking areas and balconies.

Install a Longer Lasting Roof

Another issue which some property owners worry about when it comes to flat roofs is how long the materials will last. Older, poorer quality roofs can start to deteriorate due to anything from severe weather conditions to rot, moss growth and pests. Modern GRP fibreglass is weather resistant and low maintenance. Many of the top manufacturers in the industry even offer a 20-year guarantee, showing how much trust they have in their products. It’s very safe and easy for professionals to install, not requiring a flame, like many other types of flat roofing do.

Looking to replace your flat roof?

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