How Can Snow Damage Your Roof?

It’s at this time of year that we wonder whether we may start to see some flurries of snow as temperatures drop. While this can certainly create a Winter wonderland outside, it does have its drawbacks, causing chaos on our roads and slowing everything down. Not only that, but extreme weather can pose a risk to our roofs if we don’t have the right protection in place. We know that severe storms, heavy rain and strong winds can cause roofing issues, but what about snow? Here’s everything you need to know.

Winter roofing guides - can snow damage your roof? | Collier Roofing

How Snow Affects Roofs

Some homeowners think that it’s only flat roofs which can be affected by snow as it’s easier for it to gather on this type of roofing. However, a pitched roof which is in poor condition or fragile may also be affected. Snow provides roofs with a variety of problems, including adding extra weight, expanding as it freezes to form ice (which can cause damage in existing cracks) and when it melts, hitting your roof with a large pool of water to get rid of. This can often be more of an issue for older flat roofs which can feel the stress more, especially if the snow can’t be removed easily. You may notice damage to your roofing once the snow has cleared or even start experiencing problems such as leaks within your home.

Protecting Your Roof in Winter

During the Winter, your property’s roof can take the brunt of harsh weather conditions, so it’s important to ensure it can withstand the elements. One of the most obvious ways is to remove snow from your roof if there are excessive amounts resting on it, but don’t attempt anything which could risk your safety. Before you get to this stage, ask a professional roofer to perform a maintenance check. This includes dealing with any broken tiles or damage to your roofline which could get worse in extreme weather and even cause water damage within your home if snow or rain can get in through gaps.

Don’t Forget Your Gutters

While we often recommend clearing out your gutters to ensure debris doesn’t become impacted and cause issues, don’t let snow be the final straw for your gutters and downpipes. If ice becomes lodged in the pipes, it can be heavy enough to bring down your whole guttering system, cause cracks and damage the outside of your property where rainwater is overflowing.

Concerned about your roofing?

Whether you want to ensure your flat or pitched roof is as weather resistant as possible, or you think a recent snowfall may have caused some damage, the experts at Collier Roofing are here to provide professional advice and assistance. Working across Surrey, London and surrounding areas, our team inspect roofs and perform high quality repairs at homes in Coulsdon, Warlingham and beyond. Contact us now for a free, no obligation quotation on all of our services.