How to get matching roof tiles for your house extension

Whether you’re renovating an older property or adding an extension to your existing home, you’ll no doubt be aware of the excitement it can bring. However, on the flip side of this excitement is the requirement to ensure that everything is as it should be…and, of course, the seemingly endless paperwork you need to submit.

You might currently consider roof tiles to be one of the less exciting elements of your build, but you should be aware of the potential pitfalls and disasters that could ensue if you don’t pay due care and attention to this important aspect of your home’s exterior. When it comes to choosing the right materials for your new roof, you don’t want to make any mistakes – and there’s also the aesthetic appeal to consider.

Match my existing roof tilesWhy do the roof tiles need to match?

Due to local authority planning laws and regulations, it’s likely that your council requires you to match the roof tiles to other existing roof tiles on your property. The same usually goes for windows, bricks, and just about everything else.

If, however, you have checked with the council and you are allowed to opt for a different style, it might be worth keeping in mind that it’s likely to be an eyesore and your neighbours could take issue with it if they’re completely mismatched.

Many reputable roofing firms and other contractors usually recommend matching your roof tiles so that the extension looks as though it was part of the original building.

What if the tiles don’t match?

If the tiles don’t match and you’ve already gone ahead with the roof, it’s likely to be too late to really do anything about the issue, aside from rip them off and start again, which would present a huge cost and upheaval. It’s definitely better to ensure that any mistakes are spotted before the work actually goes ahead.

In terms of what you’ll legally be obliged to do when your roof tiles don’t match, this will be down to the discretion of the building control officer who visits your property to sign off on the work. If they are picky about the aesthetics of the property or if you’re based in a conservation area, it’s likely to be bad news for you.

How to prevent mismatched roof tiles

The best way to avoid mistakes during the renovation process is to opt for reputable, trusted contractors who are happy to take the time to run through everything with you.

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