Are Roofing Prices Going Up?

Between the effects of COVID-19 and lockdowns, Brexit, and a sharp rise in construction throughout the UK, building materials are in short supply and high demand. Roofing prices are on the rise across the board, with shortages and unparalleled inflation on materials such as timber and plastic.

As well as contractor firms, DIY-ers have also experienced the knock-on effects of all this, with many builders’ merchants and home improvement shops with empty shelves.

Why is the cost of timber going up?Are the prices of roofs really going up?

In short – yes. Roofing prices are going up due to the high demand and world shortages of materials. In a classic case of inflation, the excessive demand has driven prices higher. In a recent article by The Guardian, it was reported that timber, steel, and polymer prices have risen by 80%, 40% and 60% respectively, all of which will have a ripple effect across the construction industry.

Roofing material manufacturers, such as tile producers, have also been forced to raise their prices due to challenges caused by shortages and Brexit, with many previous EU trade relationships now more challenging or completely non-existent.

Why is there such a big demand for roofing?

A combination of factors are affecting the roofing industry, with one of the largest being the easing of pandemic restrictions. The construction industry is racing to make up for time lost through lockdown, when many projects were completely halted, but other factors, such as Brexit and supply chain disruptions, are also coming into play.

This will undoubtedly cause concern for those seeking roof replacements, repairs, and installation. However, it’s not that the roofing industry has come to a standstill, it just means that the premium may be higher than previous years due to the difficulties and disruptions set out above.

How can I avoid rising roofing costs?

Thanks to a combination of increased demand, short supply, and strained trade relationships, it’s almost impossible to avoid the rise in roofing costs. One step you can take, however, is to ensure that you opt for a reputable, reliable roofing company in Reigate and beyond that will provide real value for money and a professional service. You could also consider changing your roof material, or exploring other options that might be more cost-effective.

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