How to Protect Your Roof’s Chimney This Spring

Spring is a great time to inspect your roof, assessing for issues that have arisen during an icy winter while booking in any roofing work you need over the warmer months of the year. One of the areas which may face deterioration over time is your chimney stack, so a professional roofing company will look at this when performing a roof inspection. If you want to keep your chimney in good condition, follow these expert tips.

Spot Signs of Chimney Deterioration Early

Spotting the signs your chimney has an issue is one of the best ways to ensure you stay on top of any roof repairs required. While an inspection will often identify any problems to keep an eye on, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your roof for the rest of the year.

A chimney is made of several parts, from the visible stack on top of the roof to the internal flue and fireplace. Common issues property owners notice include visible cracks or damage to the roof bricks and flashing or even a leaning stack if there’s been some extreme erosion happening.

Inside your home, you may notice damp on any walls around the flue, a draught coming in through your fireplace or rust forming where too much water is getting inside. In working fireplaces, some people realise there’s something wrong if they’re struggling to keep a fire alight.

Whatever the issue, ensure you get your chimney assessed as soon as possible.

What Do Chimney Stack Repairs Involve?

Sometimes the protection on a chimney stack could need replacing, such as the flashing over the joints. However, if there’s an issue with the stone or brickwork on your chimney stack, repointing may be the best solution. For this, your roofer can refill the joints between the bricks to help it become more structurally sound. This also ensures there are no cracks developing which could lead to water ingress or further chimney erosion. If the chimney stack is severely damaged, your roofer may even recommend rebuilding it using new bricks.

Do You Need Chimney Capping?

If your chimney issues are related to anything coming down your flue, whether that’s a downdraught, rainwater or even birds, a simple solution is to fit chimney pot capping (also known as a cowl) to the top of the external stack. This fixture will help to keep out anything which shouldn’t be in the chimney. You can even buy capping which is designed for a specific purpose, such as keeping out birds (via a guard) or stopping draughts coming down the flue. If your roofer thinks fitting this type of chimney feature is the best solution for any issues you’ve experienced, they’ll let you know.

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