Best Alternatives When Replacing Fascias & Soffits along Your Roofline

Rooflines can be expensive if a property owner consistently has to invest time and money into maintaining its look, whether that be through repairs, painting or checking there are no further issues each year. For this reason, many homes and businesses across Surrey, London and surrounding areas are replacing fascias and soffits with low maintenance, high-quality alternatives.

Let’s take a look at one of the best solutions on offer – UPVC fascias and soffits.

Replacement fascias & soffits: guide to the best alternatives available

Common Problems with Traditional Materials

In older properties, roofline structures such as fascias, soffits and bargeboards are often made from materials such as timber. However, like wooden window frames, they may require regular painting and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Unfortunately, this type of material can also warp and rot if left unprotected which can lead to significant issues including water damage to the property, rotting cladding, damage to brickwork and a deteriorating roofline. It’s important to prioritise the upkeep of your roofline which provides protection to the rest of your property from harsh elements such as strong winds and heavy rainfall. Damage to look for along your roofline include blistering paintwork, rotting or flaking wood, missing elements (leaving exposed brickwork or tiled edges), loose guttering at the roofline and rust. These are all signs you may want to upgrade your roofline material.

Benefits of UPVC Fascias & Soffits

UPVC is the most popular choice for improving the quality of your roofline, offering a wealth of benefits. As a low maintenance material, uPVC doesn’t rot, corrode or flake when exposed to water or harsh weather. It won’t lose its colour either, removing the need for continuous repainting to keep it looking pristine. Often guaranteed for 10 years as standard, uPVC rooflines should last for many years after this, making it a great long-term investment after initial installation. Rotting timber rooflines should never be covered with uPVC as it will lead to further issues later on. Full replacement is the best way to protect the future of your roofline.

Tailoring the Look of Your Roofline

Not only are uPVC products highly functional, but they can improve and update the appearance of your home or commercial building. It’s easy to tailor a roofline to the look of your property by selecting colours (including black, white oak, mahogany and grey), shapes and sizes to complement its existing style. You can even opt for woodgrain effects to emulate wooden designs. New bargeboards at the gable end of your roof can also be selected in unique designs with a wide range of styles available for any period and character of property.

If looking for alternatives for new fascias and soffits along your roofline, uPVC is the ideal solution.

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