What to Look for When Choosing Your New or Replacement Guttering

When you’ve noticed signs that your gutters need replacing, such as leaks, cracks or damage, it’s time to address the problem sooner rather than later to save hassle, time and money further down the line. When it comes to choosing your new or replacement guttering, there are several factors to check, ensuring you select a product which will do its job while standing the test of time.

Here are some aspects to consider.

Replacement guttering guides: factors for choosing quality new guttering

High Quality Materials

One of the best ways to ensure your new gutters are at the standard you’d expect from quality guttering is to check it holds a UK kitemark. This means it meets the recognised standards for both quality and safety. Popular materials to use include uPVC and aluminium which don’t crack, flake or rust.


Always check the guarantee on parts which shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve selected a quality material. A minimum of 10 years is recommended, but some materials such as aluminium usually have a warranty for up to 20 years as standard.


Quality guttering requires little to no maintenance over its lifespan with its paintwork resisting cracks. While a guarantee covers guttering for a set period, the life expectancy is usually much longer, providing a durable product which is built to last.

Gutter Depths

Gutter depths and size are important when choosing new guttering, with standard or deep flow options available. Consider how much rain you experience in your area, how steep your roof pitch is and whether your existing guttering overflows during heavy rainfall.

Protection from Debris

To give your guttering added protection and to minimise upkeep, opting for replacement guttering with flat or raised grill gutter guards is a smart choice. This stops debris such as leaves, sticks and twigs from getting swept into the guttering, causing blockages and water damage to your home if rain can’t drain effectively from the roof area. This also has the advantage of reducing the need to have your gutters regularly cleaned.

Bespoke Designs

While gutters are installed for functional purposes, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a design to complement the look of your property. This includes an array of available colours depending on the material with white oak, mahogany, grey and black all popular choices. There is also a variety of shapes to choose from to create the ideal look such as square, half round, ogee (with decorative crown moulding) and oval shapes. Speak to a specialist about which designs are suitable for your property as each has its own merits. For example, ogee gutters can deal with larger water flow.


One of the main questions on everyone’s mind with any type of new guttering is the cost to complete the work. Quality uPVC guttering is a cost-effective solution which is popular with many households, but some opt to invest in an aluminium alternative for its longer lifespan. The desire to keep costs low should be balanced with investing in quality – saving you both time and money later on.

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