Roofing SOS: A storm has damaged my roof

The Great British weather comes in all forms, battering roofs with strong winds, heavy rainfall, hail, ice and heatwaves. From missing roof tiles to crumbling chimney stacks, as one of the most vulnerable parts of a property, your roofing can sustain significant damage after stormy weather.

While facing roof damage can be a stressful experience, understanding how to assess and address the issue is a must. Seeking help fast is the key, contacting emergency roofers you can rely on to get your roof back to a safe and watertight state.

Here are some of the most common questions we get about storm damaged roofing.

How do you know if your roof has storm damage?

The aftermath of a storm can leave roofs with both subtle and obvious signs of damage. From ground level, look for missing or damaged tiles, slipped roof slates, visible cracks, clogs or dents in your guttering, fallen branches and debris scattered on your roof. Inside your property, check for water stains on ceilings and walls, as these may indicate leaks.

Hidden damage isn’t always apparent until the issues are more extensive, such as rotting timbers and mould problems. Therefore, it’s best to ask an expert roofer to inspect your property for rain, wind and hail damage.

How much damage does a roof need to be replaced?

The extent of storm damage will vary from roof to roof, so not all cases warrant a replacement. Minor concerns, such as a few missing tiles or loose flashing can often be repaired. However, extensive damage that compromises the structural integrity of the roof may require a re-roof.

Factors such as the roof’s age, the condition of existing materials and the severity of the damage determine whether repair or replacement is the best solution.

Can rain get under roof tiles?

Unfortunately, stormy weather such as strong gusts and heavy rain can sometimes force water beneath roof tiles, especially if they’re already damaged or missing. This can lead to leaks, water damage and mould issues.

Promptly addressing concerns with tiles and slates can prevent further issues. After a storm, have your roof professionally inspected to identify and rectify any vulnerable spots.

What can you do if a tile has come off your roof?

If a roof tile has been dislodged or is missing after a storm, it needs fixing before further damage is caused. A roofer can secure the immediate area and safely reach the damaged spot, carefully inspecting the extent of the storm damage.

In some cases, a roofer may be able to temporarily cover the gap with tarpaulin or another waterproof material until professional repairs can be made. If the problem is simply a slipped roof slate, it can often be reattached.

Request an emergency roof inspection

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