Exceptional uPVC fascias, soffits, and guttering installed by our roofers in Hooley, Surrey

Do you have leaked of blocked gutters Hooley, Chaldon, Mugswell, Chipstead, Coulsdon, Banstead, or one of the nearby parts of Surrey? Perhaps your old timber fascias, soffits, and bargeboards are worn or cracking? Or maybe you need advice about your roof or roofline from the experts? Here at Collier Roofing, we are one of the premier suppliers and installers of top quality roofline products from leading manufacturers. We install, repair, and maintain all roofline and roofs, so they will protect you from the elements and keep your property looking good.

We are a small, friendly local roofline business that prides itself on providing brilliant workmanship and excellent customer care, as well as using the best tried-and-tested products that are available on the market.

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Local roofline services near you

Our specialist roofline team can assist with:

  • Removal of all old timber roofline products, including fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering, and cladding
  • Installation of uPVC fascias
  • Installation of uPVC soffits
  • Installation of uPVC bargeboards and cladding
  • New uPVC or aluminium guttering and downpipes installed
  • Guttering realignment, repairs, and maintenance
  • Parapet wall repairs
  • Design and installation of Velux roof windows and skylights
  • Chimney stack services
  • Lead work
  • General pitched roof and flat roof services
  • Bespoke and tailored roofline and roofing services

We can undertake all jobs for residential or commercial customers, no matter the size. From installing completely new roofs and rooflines, through to maintenance of gutters and downpipes, we can assist. We are proud of our stellar reputation that has been built through word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals. All work comes guaranteed for a decade (with a 20-yeara warranty on some products). We are also proud members of the NFRC and approved by Surrey Trading Standards. We believe that honesty, transparency and hard work is important when it comes to property renovations and improvements.

If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and call us now. We can be reached on 01737 668 934 or 07985 749075.

  • Roofline maintenance
  • Chimney stack repair
  • Roofing leadwork
  • Parapet wall repair
  • Roofing ventilation

Protect your Chaldon home from the elements with a secure roofline

There are many reasons that people repair their rooflines and other roofline products. If your roofline is damaged and leaking, it can cause severe damage to the walls of your property. See our blog on how to know if your roofline is damaged.

Here are just a few reasons to upgrade your roofline products:

  • Timber is susceptible to rot: Timber fascias, soffits, bargeboards, and cladding features in many older properties. These products are very prone to damp, swelling, and rot. They also require lots of maintenance, including regular painting and cleaning.
  • Damage by animals: Many animals, such as nesting birds, can cause damage to rooflines through a build-up of debris. Damaged soffits attract animals and insects because there are holes and cracks.
  • Broken fascias and soffits: Your roofline will bear the brunt of the elements so will start to show signs of wear and tear over time. They may crack, break, or attract stagnant water, all of which can lead to issues.

We replace old fascias and soffits in Hooley with high-performance uPVC versions. These are durable, long-lasting, tough, and aesthetically-pleasing, so will give any property a smart and polished look. They require very little maintenance and can periodically be wiped clean throughout the year.

Fascias/Soffits in Croydon

We were very happy to help Mr Davies, who contacted us about his 1930s semi-detached house in Croydon, which was in dire need of some TLC. It is very important to us that our work is in keeping with the look and style of the building, so we worked hard on Mr Davies’ house to match the original appearance of the property.
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What are the different elements of your roofline: Fascias and soffits explained

The roofline is the name used for the boards that run along the bottom of your roof, where your roof meets the walls of your house. It is comprised of a number of products that all do slightly different jobs and they are all important in protecting the fabric of your home from the elements. Well-maintained rooflines will not only look good but will prevent the onset of water damage and damp. Traditionally, roofline products were made from timber but are now more commonly constructed from high-performance uPVC and other materials.


These are the boards that line the edge of your property’s roof timbers and that protect the exposed ends of your rafters, reducing the risk of damp and rot. They provide a solid base to fix guttering and also hold the bottom row of roof tiles in place.


This is the section that covers the part that overhangs the roof. So, if you were to look up, the soffit is the board covering the roof on the overhang. Not as noticeable as fascias, soffits are slightly more protected against the elements but play an integral role protecting the rafters from birds, animals, and insects nesting inside and stop rain and moisture from penetrating your home.


These are fascias that cover the diagonal eaves of your house where the top of the exterior wall meets the roof. As well as enhancing the aesthetics of the property, they also play an important role in keeping the property protected from the weather.


Fixed onto the outside of your property, cladding also helps to protect your home and can enhance its appearance, making your property look smarter and more welcoming. Originally used to clad the sides of a ship, it features clean lines and is ideal for properties of all descriptions.

Guttering and downpipes

Why replace or upgrade your roofline with uPVC fascias & soffits, guttering, bargeboards & cladding? Here's everything you need to know about its functionality, maintenance, durability & weather resistance. Find out more now.

Gutters drains rainwater away from your house, stopping any water from penetrating the walls of your home, causing damp or structural issues. The gutters collect water that runs from the roof and channels it into downpipes that connect to the drains. It is important to maintain gutters carefully, to ensure no expensive problems further down the line.

Keep your CR5 guttering in good condition

Leaking gutters in Hooley can lead to expensive repair bills. The best way to ensure your gutters are up to the job is to install hard-wearing gutters and downpipes.

As well as durable and attractive uPVC guttering systems, we also supply and install aluminium guttering systems in Chaldon. These gutters are strong, durable, resistant to corrosion, and are low-maintenance. One of the other big benefits of aluminium is that is it endlessly recyclable, so it is a very environmentally-friendly choice. Our aluminium gutters bear UK kite marks, showing their quality and come in a choice of black, white oak, mahogany, or grey. They include deep-flow guttering depths, as well as flat and raised grill leaf guards.

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