The Safest Ways to Hang Christmas Decorations from Your Roof

It’s the time of year when many of us start to get into the festive spirit, adding a little bit of colour and magic to our homes with a range of decorative options. If you’ve decided to inject some Christmas cheer into your neighbourhood with lights and decorations on the outside of your property, there are some top tips you should follow. This includes ensuring they don’t cause damage to your roofing area, whether fitting a reindeer sleigh display or attaching fairy lights around the eaves. Here’s our guide to the safest ways to hang Christmas decorations from your roof.

Winter roofing guides: How to hang Christmas decorations safely from a roof

Avoid Holes

It always amazes us when homeowners take great care of their roofs, then at Christmas time, they use a hammer, nails and staples to create holes along their roofline. These may be small, but they can become bigger over time, especially if water enters them and freezes, expanding the original hole. In fact, even a tiny gap can let water into your roofing area, causing damp and rot within your loft or allowing pests the enter your property. You can also cause cracks and splits if putting holes in fascias and soffits, bargeboards or guttering, even if they’re made from high quality uPVC.

Plan Attachment Areas

It’s important to consider which areas of your roof are the most vulnerable and where you will attach your decorations. While you must not cause damage to your roofing, it’s also important that everything is attached securely, so they don’t put anything – or anyone – at risk below. Once you’ve decided on the best spots to place your decorations, the most suitable solution is using plastic clips and ties rather than anything which causes permanent damage.

Choose Lightweight Decorations

If you use fixing aids such as gutter clips, you’ll soon find out whether your decorations are too heavy and could potentially damage your guttering. That said, avoid anything too bulky which could cause damage if it fell down. In the preparation stages, it’s wise to inspect your decorations and lights, checking for any unsafe elements, including broken bulbs and loose wiring. It’s also essential that you check your decorations are suitable for outdoor use. Read through all instructions before attaching anything to a power source.

Stay Safe

The most important advice we can give you is to remain safe when attaching any decorations to your roofing. Be careful of hazards such as slippery areas outside, avoid walking on your roof and think about hiring a professional to help. If using a ladder, remember to set up the area first, using proper footwear, a stable base and ensuring somebody is with you. You can also use this opportunity to check your roof for signs of damage or any issues you want a roofer to take a closer look at.

Stay safe this Christmas!

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