What’s the best time of year to replace your roof?

When should you replace your roof?

Signs your roof is coming to the end of its lifespan include water damage, recurring blocked gutters, missing slates and sunlight seen from inside your loft area. Mould, damp and rotting timber are also indicators of roof ventilation issues you can’t ignore.

Professional inspections can highlight when it’s time to replace your roof. Ensure you regularly book these checks with your local roofing company to monitor the state of your roof.

If it’s time for a roof replacement, it can give you the peace of mind your home is protected in bad weather. You’ll also reduce your roof maintenance costs, and your property’s heat insulation should improve.

What’s the best weather to replace a roof in?

Cold and wet weather can slow down roofing operations, so completing upgrades during the warmer months of the year can offer multiple benefits. This includes easier installations in mild and dry conditions with fewer delays.

Many people don’t have a choice about replacing their roof as soon as possible if their property has significant leaks and moisture damage. However, many prefer to wait for winter to pass so that the weather improves before roofing work begins.

Do UK roofers work in the winter?

Winter is actually a busy time for UK roofers, as many roofing issues only show themselves during wet weather. Harsh winds, heavy rainfall, hail, snow and ice can all contribute to roof leaks, crumbling chimney stacks and missing tiles. That’s why winter roof care is so important, ensuring you stay on top of repairs, storm damage and moss removal.

Total roof failures may also require a winter roof replacement if necessary, or you may choose to repair the damage while planning your roof replacement in the spring, summer or autumn. This will secure your roof before winter and help your home become more energy efficient.

How long does a roof replacement take?

How long a roof replacement takes will depend on several factors, including the property size, materials chosen, roof access and weather. Most replacements will take up to a week or two to complete, and you may need scaffolding erected before the work starts. When you receive your roofing quote, discuss the job requirements and timeframes with your roofer.

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