Fascias/Soffits in Croydon

At Collier Roofing, we love helping clients to improve the look and structure of their homes. So we were very happy to help Mr Davies, who contacted us about his 1930s semi-detached house in Croydon, which was in dire need of some TLC. It is very important to us that our work is in keeping with the look and style of the building, so we worked hard on Mr Davies’ house to match the original appearance of the property.

Identifying the problem

The old wood under the roof at the front of the house was starting to rot and look shabby, and needed repair. Any damage like this can lead to leaks and water damage, and the client was keen to get it fixed before any serious problems set in. The rest of the house looked smart, with new double-glazing, so Mr Davies needed his roof and fascias to come up to scratch too.

A solid foundation

Our team of highly experienced professionals stripped away the rotten material all the way back to the rafters to really get back to basics and start with a solid foundation. We put in new white uPVC fascias and soffits in keeping with the style of the house, along with new guttering to replace the old, which was disintegrating and prone to leaking.

We ensure that we use only the best materials available, so that the work we do will last for many years to come. Our skilled team made all of these improvements to Mr Davies’ house in just one day, ensuring minimum disruption for him and his neighbours. The gable at the front of the house now looks the pride of the street, and Mr Davies’ property is now water-tight and better insulated.

Attention to detail

It is very important to us that, even with new materials such as uPVC, the finished look is exactly in keeping with your home, whatever period it was built in. We work hard to ensure that your roof and all the fixings look just as good as they would have done when your house was first built.

Entrust your property to the professionals

However old your house is, contact us today at Collier Roofing for a free, no-obligation quote to see how we can help to improve your roofline to get it looking as good as new. Our friendly, experienced team will be able to offer the best advice about how to protect and improve your property.