Are Flat or Pitched Roofs Better for Porches?

Porches are a fantastic investment for the front of your home, often adding additional security, storage, thermal efficiency and kerb appeal to your property. However, whether you’re designing a new porch or upgrading an existing one, it’s important to consider the style of its roof. You’ll often have a choice between pitched or flat porch roof styles, but which one is better?

Flat Porch Roofs

There are lots of benefits of flat roofing systems, so it’s always worth considering what this style of roof would bring to your porch. While the roof won’t be a visible feature of your house front, it does offer homeowners more flexibility if there are features above the space you don’t want to cover. This includes windows located in the area above the porch or for bungalows with a low roofline.

Pitched Roofing for Porches

Pitched roofing is considering one of the most attractive features you can add to a porch, with many different designs available. This includes gable end pitched roofs, shed roofs and double hipped styles, adding a decorative touch to both new and traditional properties. You’ll also have more flexibility when choosing a roof material for the porch, including elegant looking slates and tiles to match your existing roofing and brickwork.

As well as the enhanced appearance of pitched porch roofs, they also come with more functionality, including improved rainwater drainage. This can help to eliminate some of the flat roof issues you may experience, such as water pooling or risks chances of leaks occurring.

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversions

If your porch currently has a flat roof, you can upgrade its look and function with a ‘flat to pitched’ roof conversion. This is often much cheaper than paying for an entirely new porch when considering how to upgrade the front of your home. It’s also a cost-effective solution for property owners who have been having repeated problems with their old porch roof which has come to the end of its lifespan.

You can ask your local roofer about their flat to pitched roof services as it’s often something they offer specialist expertise for, rather than paying over the odds to hire a porch company. They’ll have access to many different roofing materials to ensure your porch roof remains in keeping with the rest of your property, and you may even consider this service if you’re upgrading your home’s roof too. Your roofer will talk you through the process, including any practical elements for consideration, such as additional guttering to help effectively drain rainwater away from your porch area.

Do you want to upgrade your porch?

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