Here’s Why You Should Never Ignore Roof Issues

In uncertain times, many of us are becoming more aware of our outgoings, including maintenance costs around the home. Roofing issues often become a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for property owners, but this can lead to a tonne of problems later on if ignored.

While you may not be a trained roofer, there are some easy ways to spot if there’s something to be concerned about. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t overlook roof issues forming.

The Importance of Watertight Roofing

With more people working from home than ever before, ensuring you have a watertight, safe and comfortable environment to live in is essential. What starts as the smallest of issues, such as a hairline crack, can soon become much bigger. When wet weather hits and temperatures drop, it could provide an opening for moisture to enter, while water can freeze and expand within the gap.

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Overlooking Problems Could Be Costly

While many could be tempted to put off roofing work, if this is in an attempt to save money, beware of the risks. Fixing something as simple as a missing tile is going to be much cheaper than rectifying water damage, or replacing multiple slates after the structure of the outer roofing is compromised.

Another cost which many property owners fail to consider is the impact of further problems, such as leaks within the interiors of their home. Not only will moisture ingress in your loft area lead to rotten wood and damp forming, but leaks within wall spaces can begin to seep through. This can cause damage to interiors such as paintwork and plastering, not to mention IT equipment, furnishings and electrics in the room.

Common Roof Issues

While roofs are not as easy to check as the inside of your home, there are some signs to look out for both from inside your attic space (if it’s safe to do so) and from the ground. Some may feel confident to check a flat roof using a ladder, but it is risky, so never do this alone, and refrain from walking onto the area unless of course, it’s a balcony or terrace. As a general rule, you shouldn’t be inspecting any roofing at a height without the right training or safety equipment.

Tell-tale signs to look out for include visible cracks, tiles or slates which look out of place (or are missing entirely) and the presence of moss or mould. You should also look out for isolated damp patches on the outside of the building and waterlogged ground. This could indicate your roofline’s drainage system isn’t working as it should, which could be something as simple as blocked guttering.

Safe Roof Inspections

If you’re worried about roofers entering your home, in many cases, they’ll only need access to the outside of your property. If you have any concerns, give your roofing company a call to see what’s required – they may be able to inspect and repair damage externally.

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