How to Identify Common Guttering Problems

Some of the most common issues we see along a roofline and within a property have been caused by guttering which needs repairing or replacing. It’s important to keep on top of any problems faced as your guttering plays a role in the structural integrity of your home and how water is removed from its exterior. That said, locating the source of the issue can be a challenge, so we’ve put together this easy guide, helping you to understand what to look out for.

Easy guide to identifying common guttering problems. Includes blockages, leaks, cracks, decay & issues with gutter joints. We provide you with solutions for guttering replacements & repairs. Find out more from expert roofers.


It’s easy for guttering to become blocked with debris such as leaves, dead animals, moss and dirt, impacting inside your gutters and downpipes. Signs to look out for include overflowing guttering, water running down the side of your property, leaks within your roof and waterlogged ground around your home. You may even be experiencing areas of damp within your home. Regular gutter cleaning is the first step to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

What’s the Damage?

Unfortunately, gutters can become damaged thanks to harsh weather conditions or even if they’ve been blocked for a while without clearance. The weight of debris in the gutter can be heavy enough to damage how well it’s attached to the wall if there’s anything like ice forming inside it. Another sign to look out for is sagging gutters that are being weighed down. If you’re experiencing leaks or think something could wrong, ask a roofer to take a closer inspection. They can spot if there are any signs of decay, cracks or issues with the gutter joints, worn brackets or screws which may be causing problems.

New Guttering vs Repairs

Unfortunately, if your guttering has become structurally damaged, rather than requiring a clean or reattachment to your property, you may need it to be replaced. Luckily, when choosing replacement guttering, there are some great solutions on the market which reduce your chances of experiencing more issues further down the line. In fact, if you think your gutters are getting old, you may want to replace them with a modern system to prevent any future issues occurring. You can even find products with features such as raised grill gutter guards to help stop blockages. An array of bespoke design choices means that you can select anything from a gutter pipe’s shape to its colour, giving the outside of your home a mini makeover at the same time. Shades such as white oak, black, grey and mahogany can blend in effortlessly with your property and existing roof.

Do You Need Your Guttering Repaired or Replaced?

Here at Collier Roofing, we offer a wide range of extensive roofing services, including uPVC and aluminium guttering installations. These high quality materials ensure your guttering is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years for uPVC and 20 years for aluminium but should last for many more. We work across London, Surrey and further afield, including specialist roofline services in Oxted, Purley and Redhill. Contact us now for a free, tailored quote for any roofing or guttering needs.