Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Roof

As we head into the warmer months, many property owners choose to give their homes a spring clean, finally getting around to those jobs they’ve been putting off over the Winter. However, while many focus on the inside of their home, window cleaning and the garden, there’s a very important part of your property which needs to be looked after – your roof!

Spring cleaning? Don’t forget your roof. Prevent roofing issues from forming & check the winter rain, wind & ice hasn’t caused any damage. Roof inspection services for your roof exterior & interior. Free roofing advice.

Importance of Roof Maintenance

Your roof shields your property from the elements, so it’s one of the most important structures that stops rain, ice and wind from damaging your property, not to mention birds and insects who would love to find a cosy spot to stay in your attic. When issues occur because of problems with your roofing, it’s one of the most stressful (and costly) challenges a homeowner will face, so looking after it is essential. If you’re someone who takes pride in their home and making spring cleaning plans, ensure roof maintenance is high up on your list. Just because you can’t see anything wrong, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a potential issue brewing. This can save you so much time and money rather than wait for damage to occur, and there are even free inspection services from reputable roofers if you know where to look.

Why Spring Is a Good Time to Check Your Roof

People often ask us about the best time of year to check their roof and schedule maintenance services, but this depends on whether you’ve had any issues, the age and condition of your roof and what’s been happening with the weather. For example, in years where we’ve had heavy snow forecast, some homeowners want a roof inspection both before and after to prevent problems from occurring and to make sure no damage has occurred. However, we do say spring is a great time to schedule your roofer to visit. Hopefully, the weather will be a little nicer for them to safely inspect your entire roof, and with the winter weather behind us, it’s nice to know there’s not been any damage. That said, many also like to have their roof inspected in Autumn before the leaves start clogging up their gutters and the harsher weather returns.

How to Spring Clean a Roof

Your roofer will provide a thorough inspection, including visual checks for issues such as cracked tiles, moss forming or concerns with your chimney stack or fascias and soffits. They may also perform an interior inspection of your loft, searching for signs of mould, condensation forming or other areas moisture could be getting in through your roof. They’ll let you know any findings they’ve made and recommendations to think about. From there, you can decide what action to take.

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