Why Should You Never Ignore Moss on Your Roof?

While there are plenty of things to check as part of your Spring roof maintenance, one problem you shouldn’t ignore is moss. If you notice its appearance on your roofing, it’s vital to address the issue as soon as possible. But why is moss such a nuisance when it comes to your roof?

Roof inspection experts - What should you do about moss on your roof?

How Can Moss Damage a Roof?

Moss growth is a problem when it starts to grow in between tiles. Moss adds to the amount of moisture remaining on your roof as it’s like a sponge – absorbing moisture wherever it can while obstructing the run-off of water from pitched roofs. Structural issues could occur if damage to the roofing isn’t rectified, especially if left in freezing conditions where ice can cause havoc when it expands within any cracks which have formed. This could displace or lift tiles from their normal positions, creating gaps in your roofing which can lead to other issues such as leaks within your property and damp forming in your interior roof space.

Far from being just the function of tiles affected, keeping your gutters clear may also become harder if moss breaks off and falls into the drainpipes. Therefore, it’s important to look for any signs of water pooling or overflowing gutters. Moss is pretty unsightly too, affecting the aesthetics of your roof.

How Fast Does Moss Spread?

Unfortunately, some property owners see moss forming on their roof but decide to wait and keep an eye on it. What they don’t realise is that moss can actually spread quite fast. This is often the case when weather conditions are ideal for plant growth. It thrives in damp conditions and loves hard surfaces, so as the roof is the area of your home which is usually hit the most by the elements, it’s in a prime position for moss to flourish.

Moss Removal from Roofs

Luckily, roofing experts can help, identifying the issue and helping to remove moss from your tiles safely and efficiently without causing any more damage. Furthermore, they can check what damage has occurred once the moss isn’t there, as it’s important to find out if tiles have become loose. After they’ve removed the moss from your roof, there are some ways to prevent regrowth from occurring. Moss can sometimes be hard to spot from the ground, which is why regular roof inspections are so important to identify issues early.

If you think you’ve spotted any moss on your roof, or would like a roof inspection to identify issues which need addressing, speak to the team at Collier Roofing. We offer roofing services across London, Surrey and surrounding areas, including Banstead, Reigate and Sutton. If any damage is identified, we’ll provide recommendations, let you know all your options and can offer high quality repair services. Contact our team to arrange a free inspection and quotation.